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          Many times, the competitiveness of the factory is not high enough, not because the quality of its products is not good, but because many times there is no guidance for customers how to make good use of this machine and equipment.
          Frozen meat slicer is such a kind of machine whose application method is more important than the quality of the machine itself. As far as factories are concerned, besides producing high quality products, it is more important to instruct customers how to use the machines correctly.
          First of all, for all of us, we must process frozen meat without bone. Otherwise, it is likely to damage the quality of frozen meat slicer. Many customers have commented on why the machine has such a short life span. This is entirely due to the fact that the factory did not provide good guidance for customers to use, leading to some frozen meat with bones mixed into the processing forces. When
          However, there is another one about the processing temperature of frozen meat, our factory should also control it well. Generally speaking, the temperature of meat is better between minus four degrees and eight degrees. If it is too low, it will make the meat too hard, so it is not convenient for the frozen meat slicer to process. When the temperature is too high, the freshness of meat itself is a test.

          There is also a starting sequence, which is actually a very small detail in the operation of the frozen meat slicer, but it will also affect its life. We must first turn on the power supply of the slicer, then start the cutter head, and then start the left-right swing device.
          Such a start-up mode will make the slicer itself run smoothly, and will not affect its service life due to a long period of intense sensation. If you find that the slicer is difficult to cut in the process of processing, then you have to rethink whether the sharpness of the cutter is not enough, whether it is necessary to grind the cutter of the frozen meat slicer.
          The above information is organized and published by our slicer, hoping to help you in your life. Our website is: http://www.zxclimb.com!

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