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            First of all, we need to put in a rough blade test rig, ensure the process in honing in not running. Secondly, workers need to add proper amount of thin lubricating oil or liquid paraffin wax to the central part of the grindstone surface and wipe it evenly, so as to increase the density of friction. Then the knife handle and knife clip are mounted on the slicing knives, so that the edge of the knife is moved forward and laid on the grindstone surface, and the knife is approximately located in the center of the grinder.


            In order to give full play to the good performance of slicer, users need to see the wear of blades in time after a period of time. If blade wear is serious, grinding is needed in time.



            At the time of sharpening the knife, the general principle should be grasped as a result of different people's methods, that is, it must be all worn to make the balance of the knife.


            Not only that, but also ensure that the slicing of the slicer blade is ensured. You should know, in fact, in the actual process of slicing, the central use of the blade is more, and the loss is more obvious, so in the grinding of the knife, we must take care of the balance, so as to avoid the use of the long knife mouth to form a crescent shape, affecting the quality of the slice.


            Remember, in the process of sharpening, we must pay attention to moderate intensity. Notice that during the repeated grinding process, we should wear out the notch of the slicing machine blade.


            It should be noted that during the entire grinding process, the staff's fingers should be kept at the right place, and ensure that the force is uniform and easy to slide. Usually, it is the handle of the blade of the slicer with the right hand, the left hand holds the knife shell, and the blade faces the front of the cutter, and the slicer is pushed forward from the lower right corner of the millstone to the upper left corner of the grindstone to the heel, and the blade is turned over.


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