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          The slicer is a machine for cutting thin and uniform tissue slices. The tissue is supported by hard paraffin or other substances. Each cut is automatically pushed forward (towards the direction of the knife) by the slicer thickness. The gradient of the thickness is usually 1 micron. When cutting paraffin embedded tissue, it is made into slice strips of multiple slices because it adheres to the wax edge of the previous slice.
          1. Rich manufacturing experience
          The quality of the slicer is good, the technology is very important, but the manufacturing experience is also very important. We should ensure that we have rich manufacturing experience, so that we can strictly control each link in the manufacturing, and ensure that the manufactured machine has no defects in appearance and stable performance.

          2. Manufacturer
          采購切片機要注意挑選生產廠家,企業要知道,只有生產廠家才會有的技術,保證切片效果精 準,完全符合企業的要求,保證企業產品質量。比較好的是具有自主研發團隊,技術方面要更具優勢,出來的機器質量更好。
          When purchasing slicers, pay attention to selecting manufacturers. Enterprises should know that only manufacturers have technology to ensure accurate slicing effect, fully meet the requirements of enterprises and ensure the product quality of enterprises. It's better to have an independent R &amp; D team, have more advantages in technology, and the quality of the machines is better.
          3. Have perfect and meticulous after-sales service
          After the machine is purchased back to the enterprise, it needs long-term use, and various problems will occur in use. If the slicing equipment manufacturer has perfect and detailed after-sales service, the enterprise can worry free and save maintenance costs.
          4. Function refinement is not required
          Do not choose multi-functional machines when buying slicing machines. Although multi-functional machines are good, they are not necessary if the enterprise uses a single function, because in comparison, multi-functional machines are not as good as single functions, so they require more precision.

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