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          Cutting machine, with compact structure, adopts optimum sanitary design. The chassis and grille are made of stainless steel. Cutting cutter is made of cutting material with high efficiency. Cutting size of pudding is minimum 3 mm and maximum 8 cm. Meat slices, meat fillet and meat strips can be adjusted. The length of the cut is consistent. The thickness of the cutting knob is adjusted so that the push rod can be stepless speed regulation to meet the requirements of different cutting thickness. The pre pressure design was adopted to ensure the uniform size of Diced Pork during the cutting process. When cutting, the meat push rod is used for stepping motion to ensure the cutting size is correct. This machine is suitable for normal cutting of meat at -5 to normal temperature.
          It is a necessary equipment in meat food processing. Purpose: cut the frozen meat -3 - 4 into meat, meat and meat. The dicing machine is mainly suitable for processing various root and stem vegetables in cuboid and cuboid shapes in dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen vegetable processing plants and food pickles industry. The cutter mainly consists of base, shell, dial, vertical knife, screwdriver body, transverse cutter body, transmission system and electrical control system.
          切丁機可以分為一次性切成丁的切魚肉丁機、一次性成絲的肉絲肉片機、切軟骨的雞鴨帶骨切丁機、熟肉切片機。 切丁機的工作原理:撥盤帶動被切物體高速旋轉,利用物體離心力,借助立刀將被切物體切成片狀,然后經過圓盤切絲刀切成條狀,并將被切物料送入橫切斷刀口,由橫切斷刀切成所需要的立方體或長方體切丁機工作一行程后,料倉存料約一到二毫米,刀片間隙小于10絲(0.1毫米)。
          The dicing machine can be divided into one-time dicing machine for fish meat, one-time filamenting machine for meat, chicken and duck with bone dicing machine for cartilage, cooked meat slicing machine. The working principle of the dicing machine: the dial drives the object to rotate at high speed, uses the centrifugal force of the object, uses the vertical knife to cut the object into slices, then cuts the object into strips through the disc cutter, and feeds the cut material into the transverse cutting edge, and cuts the required cube or cuboid dicing machine by the transverse cutting knife after one stroke of work. The storage bin is about one to two millimeters, and the blade gap is less than 10 wire (0.1 mm).
          The cutting machine is made of stainless steel with beautiful appearance. This dicing machine can cut cold, fresh and semi-thawed meat into cuboids and cubes of different sizes and shapes according to customers'needs. Tofu can be cut into different sizes, cubes and cuboid. The cutting machine can also be processed into strips and pieces of various shapes. It can be processed into 2 to 100 millimeter pieces.

          切丁機以先進機械進行設計制造,結構合理,該機能做到準確“丁” “絲” “片”且工作效率高,切割肉丁更小規格為2mm,更大規格為8cm,是食品加工切割方面的首選設備。主要特點:
          The cutting machine is designed and manufactured with advanced machinery. Its structure is reasonable. It can accurately "Ding", "Silk" and "Chip" and has high efficiency. The minimum size for cutting meat dices is 2mm and the maximum size is 8cm. It is the preferred equipment for food processing and cutting. Main features:
          1. Adjust the knob of cutting thickness to change the speed of meat pusher in order to meet different cutting thickness requirements.
          2. adjusting the pre pressure knob ensures that the product is consistent throughout the cutting process.
          3. adjust the meat material putting into motion by cutting step, can maximize the reduction in the cutting process of extrusion products.
          4. cutting groove side adopts active lateral pressure mechanism to facilitate charging and improve working efficiency.

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