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          Primary Functions and Principles
          Food purification, disinfection and sterilization: degrading vegetable and pesticide residues in fruits and other toxic substances from surface to inside, eliminating antibiotics, chemical additives, hormones, heavy metal ions and other harmful substances in meat and seafood
          Purifying air: It can remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde and paint odor emitted from new decoration and furniture.
          Fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables: Cleaned fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods can extend the shelf life for 7 days, while removing the odor in the refrigerator.
          Beauty and health care: The water treated by detoxification dishwasher can activate skin cells, promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.
          Fish Raising and Flower Watering: Fish Raising in Water Treated by Detoxification Vegetable Washing Machine makes the fish more active and can be used to water flowers to prevent diseases and insect pests.
          Fruit and vegetable cleaner is to supply power to ozone generator when fruit and vegetable cleaner is operating. Ozone generator produces ozone, which is transported by ozone pump through ozone tube to wash barrel. It contacts with water machine in wash barrel and dissolves in water to form ozone water. Ozone water has strong sterilization, disinfection and pesticide degradation effect. It is the primary use. Wash vegetables and fruits.

          In today's many years when pesticides, preservatives and growth hormones were used, every family was in a completely irresistible situation before that, and could only be forced to accept them. Every day, they were in the process of being poisoned by pesticides and other chemicals, such as various cancers and cardiovascular diseases, and long-term ingestion of excessive pesticides and various kinds of pesticides. Chemicals are related. Now with fruit and vegetable cleaners, there is an advanced protection method. In this lifetime, people can eat fewer pesticides and various chemicals, and have fewer diseases. As long as people's health is invaluable.
          Fruit and vegetable cleaner does not need cleaning agent. It has no pollution to the environment, is safe, non-toxic, has good antimicrobial effect, and can eradicate about 90% of the residual pesticides, far higher than 50% of the pesticide residues required by the state, and higher than the effect of household cleaning. It has no damage to fruit sparseness and is convenient to use. It has a particularly good effect on the protection of both hands.

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