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          Today, I want to tell you what should be paid attention to in the application of frozen meat slicer. Frozen meat slicer is a food processing equipment whose primary function is to slice beef, pork and other meat products. This equipment has the advantages of simple operation, reliable performance and high efficiency.
          The frozen fresh meat should be put into the freezer 2 hours in advance and frozen at - 5 C before slicing. Otherwise, it will form the phenomenon of meat fragmentation, cracking and breaking, and the machine can not walk smoothly. The serious problem is that the motor of the slicer will burn out.
          When adjusting thickness, check the positioning head without touching the baffle before adjusting.
          Before cleaning, it is necessary to unplug the power supply, forbid washing with water, only use wet cloth to clean, and then dry with dry cloth, once a day to maintain food hygiene.
          According to the application situation, it takes about a week to remove the knife guard plate and clean it, then clean it with wet cloth and dry it with dry cloth.

          When the meat is uneven in thickness or more broken meat, the knife needs to be sharpened. When sharpening the knife, the blade should be cleaned up to remove the grease stains on the blade.
          According to the operation situation, refueling once a week or so. When the automatic slicer refuels each time, it needs to move the carrying disc to the right refueling line and refuel again. The semi-automatic slicer refuels on the travel axis. (Keep in mind that cooking oil is not allowed and sewing oil is necessary)
          Close the slicer with cartons or wooden boxes after cleaning every day to avoid damaging the machine by rats and nails.
          The above information is the latest news updated by our slicer today. I hope you will like it. Our website is http://www.zxclimb.com. Welcome to visit!

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