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          Pepper cutter is a dry pepper processing equipment. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, automatic pepper cutting, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low price, closed body, reduced dust on the site and in the air, and sanitation.
          The magnetic material selection device is used to basically select the iron scraps and iron powder mixed into the materials, which improves the service life of the hob. The machine can cut pepper sections, pepper rings, pepper filaments, etc. the size of the cut pepper is customized by the customer. It is a special equipment for cutting pepper sections in China.
          The pepper cutting machine adopts sanitary conveyor belt to automatically transport the pepper to the knife edge to complete the cutting work. The pepper cutting machine is actually a machine for pepper deep processing in pepper processing enterprises, food factories, pepper production areas, etc.

          Place the machine on a horizontal work site to ensure that the lower four feet of the machine are stable, reliable and do not shake. Carefully check whether there are sundries in the rotating barrel. If there are foreign matters, clean them to avoid damage to the machine. Check whether the oil dripping fasteners are loose during use and whether the switch circuit is damaged.
          The machine mainly consists of frame, conveyor belt, pressing belt and tower wheel speed regulating mechanism. The length of cut pepper can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range through "adjustable eccentric wheel". Because the vertical knife simulates the principle of manual cutting pepper, the cut pepper has smooth surface and regular forming.
          3. Installation and commissioning:
          1. Before use, place the machine on a dry and ventilated horizontal ground to ensure that the machine works stably and reliably.
          2. Before use, check all parts to see if the fasteners are loose during transportation, if the switch and power line are damaged due to transportation, and check whether the existing power supply voltage is consistent with the rated voltage shown on the nameplate.
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          This article is provided by the pepper cutting machine. Our website is: http://www.zxclimb.com/ We will serve you with wholehearted enthusiasm. Welcome to visit!

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